Promotional Ideas

We’re very grateful for your partnership. Here are a number of ways you can promote our materials and receive a commission for them.


1) First become familiar with the three departments of the National Center for Biblical Parenting. Here are the links to check things out:

The Parent Place (for individual families):

Parenting Resources for Churches:

Biblical Parenting University where parents take online parenting courses:

2) Generate a link from your affilate account here and put it on your web site to ours to direct traffic to the products you wish to promote. You can generate a general link or specific links. Either way any orders in the store are credited to you, even if you didn't recommend the specific product they choose.

3) Use any of the artwork on the artwork pages for display on your site for redirecting from your site to ours.

4) You might want to write a review or a recommendation of one of our resources to interest people in it.

5) You could put a graphic of one of our resources along the side of your web site or blog to encourage people to order that resource and link from your site.

6) You might want to set up a page on your site that has several product graphics and descriptions that redirect people to order on our site. In essense, you could create your own recommendation page with a number of our products represented.

7) You might want to use Twitter or Facebook to recommend biblical parenting resources, but remember to first direct people to your site where they can click on your link that contains your particular affilate code so that you get credit for their visit to our site.

We’re always open to new ideas for promotion. If you have suggestions of ways that we can improve our affiliate program, please send them our way. You may direct comments to our email account