Here's how our affiliate program works

You receive 20% commission for any product people choose when they come to our store having been directed to us from your site or email or affiliate link. In fact, if they log off and then return to our site, you will still receive a commission for up to 180 days for an unlimited number of orders. They are considered your customers and you benefit from their continued relationship with us.

When you sign up to become an affiliate HERE, you are given an affiliate number. On that affiliate page you can choose any retail product from our website and generate an affiliate link to that product and post it with a jpg on your Facebook page, webiste or include it in an email or text.

You also can download artwork for various products from us. If you don't see what you want on this suggestion page, just go to anywhere on, drag an image to your desktop and post it on your site with your affiliate link.

When a visitor to your site clicks on the link to our site, a cookie is placed on their computer identifying any orders from our store as generated by you.

Every month, (as long as your commission has accumulated at least $20) we send you a check or deposit in your account the commission for that month.

NOTE: You will not receive a commission for any parenting seminar a person signs up for. Although they may do so in our store and it may appear in your account, we will deduct that commission from your account before we pay you. We don't receive that money either. It goes straight to the host church. Also, no commissions are given for straight donations to our organization. We also can't pay you for people signing up to work with our coaches since that money goes to our coaches and not to us. You only receive commissions on products either electronic or physical that people order.

We want to thank you for your partnership. Thank you.

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